One of the most rewarding roles you could ever have at Disney, aside from being a performer, is being a merchandise cast member. The reason? You get to interact with guests on a daily basis and help them find that one souvenir that will remind them of their magical trip to Disney for years to come. I mean I don’t know about you guys, but I think that’s pretty special.

That being said…being a merchandise cast member is…quite the experience. I would say that aside from main entrance operations, guest relations, FSFB and concierge, we interact with more guests (for longer periods of time) than most other cast members…and at the World of Disney (where I did my college program) I know that’s definitely true. And when you’re interacting with hundreds -no- thousands of guests on a daily basis…you’re bound to have a few (several) “interesting” interactions…which, of course, make for great stories later.

And so, with the help of my merchandise cast family, we present to you: #ThingsYouEncounterAsAMerchandiseCM

*The limit on the amount of “interesting” questions you will be asked/things you will be told does not exist*

1) *Guest looks you up and down* “Do you work here?” -Mmm…this one is our FAVORITE. We suppose that you could be unsure if we work there, even while we’re in full costume, we have an arm full of merchandise and look like chickens with their heads cut off.

2) “Where’s the Harry Potter merchandise?” “Where are the yellow minions like this? (As they hold up Mike Wazowski)” “Where is your Shrek merchandise?” “Do you sell Spongebob stuff here?” “Do you sell Dr. Seuss merchandise here?” – We are going to settle this once and for all:


The ONLY similar merchandise we sell is Avengers merchandise, and I’m pretty sure even that is different. And Mike Wazowski is NOT a minion. *Drops mic and walks away.*

3) “Where are the attractions at Downtown Disney?” “Where are the fireworks at Downtown Disney?” – SHOP. DINE. PLAY. That is literally the slogan for Downtown Disney. We have no fireworks and no attractions, but we do have DisneyQuest (but not for long *cue sadness*), a load of restaurants/shops and an extensive amount of alcohol (for those of you 21 and over). Enjoy 🙂

4) “Do you have any backyardigans merchandise?” “No, I don’t think so.” ‘It’s a Nick Kids TV show.” “Ma’am, this is a Disney store.” “Yeah…?” “So we sell Disney merchandise, not Nickelodeon.” – *face palm* Moving on…

5) “Where is the Disney section?” – Well let’s see...the entire store…

6) “Do you have a clearance section?” – Ha. Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHA. Oh…no, sorry.

7) “How much is this?” – This question is only okay if there is no price on the tag or it’s one of those items that has a color that represents a certain price. But if you literally walk up to me with the tag out and in your hand with you pointing right at the price…*face palm*

8) *Points at costume* “Where can I buy that?” – First of all, N-O-W-H-E-R-E. Second of all, why do you want it…? This is the least flattering thing any of us has ever had to wear. I guess we make it look good though, guys. So good job everyone!

9) “Excuse me, do you sell the soundtrack to the store?” -Yeah…that would be a no, ghost rider. But if you want a soundtrack that’s actually GOOD, we do have the Wishes soundtrack. (Also, side note, can we put FOF on a CD so I can buy it and play it over and over again, please?!)

10) “Do you sell the Fastpass Bands here?” – No, we do not sell MAGIC Bands here. (Oh, yeah, pro tip: World of Disney does not sell Magic Bands…don’t ask me why, because I don’t know)

11) “Can we purchase park tickets here?” – I know we’re the largest Disney store, I get it. But…can you purchase tickets in any OTHER merchandise location on property? No…so, sadly, you can’t do that here, either.

12) “Aren’t you supposed to have everything? You’re the biggest store.” – We get this A LOT. Trust me, I’m just as mad as you are that there is no Big Hero 6 merchandise and that the only princess merchandise is pretty much for little girls. But no, we don’t have everything. And it isn’t our fault as cast members that we don’t have everything, so please don’t get mad at us 🙂

13) “So I saw this shirt at Epcot…” – I’m going to stop you right there. We do not sell park specific merchandise. Anything that says Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom or EPCOT on it you will NOT find anywhere except that specific park. So if you see it in the park, just get it. Don’t ‘wait until you go to Downtown Disney’ because you’ll be really disappointed.

14) “So I saw this item at the Disney Store…” “Do you take Disney Store coupons?” “Are you doing the same sale as the Disney Store is doing online?” – Having to explain this one is a bit of a nightmare 🙂 World of Disney is not a Disney Store. Though both stores operate under The Walt Disney Company, the Disney Store is completely separate, while the World of Disney sells merchandise specific to the overall resort. So no, we do not have that awesome princess dress you saw online…but we do have a ton of others!

15) *Asks guests if they have discount* “No, not unless you wanna give me one! Haha!” -This actually isn’t that funny and makes me feel uncomfortable when a guest continues to ask about my discount 🙂 The boss wouldn’t like that!

16) “Oh, there’s no price tag? Must be free!” – *Awkwardly laughs while trying to escape to find price tag to ring merchandise to finish transaction with guest because no it isn’t free*

17) “We’re going to the real Disney tomorrow!” -EL OH EL. Yes, because Downtown Disney is the fake Disney and the only real part of Disney is Cinderella Castle. Yes, of course. How could I forget?

18) “Where are your sum sums?” -Well…we don’t sell sum sums here….or TSUM TSUMs either…(See? World of Disney does not actually have everything. Isn’t that really depressing? Once Upon A Toy does, though. But not all of them, sadly 😦 Try the Disney Store!) This one is almost excusable because the ‘t’ is silent, but still…it’s funny to hear it pronounced as sum sum.

19) “Why don’t you sell *insert character/movie title* merchandise?” – Well, ma’am/sir, I really don’t know. I am not in charge of what merchandise we sell, because if I were, there would be a lot more Hercules merchandise because WHY WE NO SELL HERCULES MERCHANDISE, DISNEY?!

20) *Guest starts twisting arm to use Magic Band, it turns blue* *Guest tries swiping credit card* “Uhm, why isn’t this working?” -Well, probably because I have yet to scan all of your merchandise. Just a thought, though. I could be totally wrong.

HOWEVER, despite all of the *interesting* interactions we have on a daily basis, we also get to have chats with little princesses/fairies/princes/pirates, we get to meet people from our hometown/college and strike up conversations, we get to make magical moments and become the highlight of someone’s vacation and we get to make long lasting friends (because you will literally be with your coworkers ALL, THE, TIME).

Just be prepared to disappoint a lot of people because we don’t sell Universal merchandise 😉

And don’t forget your Disney Point!



The Not So Obvious DCP Bucket List

If you are in the process of preparing for your arrival to the DCP, congratulations! Your magical journey is only a few short months away from beginning, and I know the excitement is building.
If you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking about the countless things you’ll want to accomplish on your program, like meeting every character and seeing every night time show.
But you know what? Those are -dare I say it- kind of cliche, and on every DCP bucket list. (You can see my previous one here.)
So while I do think those are things you should DEFINITELY try to accomplish (especially if this is your first time at Disney World), here are some things I think are worth doing that you may not find while you’re perusing the internet looking for bucket list ideas.

1) Watch Wishes From Different Vantage Points

Wishes is my all time favorite nighttime show at Disney. I love how it’s different during Halloween and Christmas; I love how Celebrate the Magic precedes it; I love how it’s the epitome of magic. And, up until a few months ago, I had only ever watched it from Main Street. And yes, Main Street is arguably the best view because you get to see the castle and who doesn’t love a good picture of Cinderella Castle with fireworks high above it? But, and stay with me here, there are areas of Magic Kingdom that give you an even better view of the fireworks, and if you’re a fireworks lover like me, you’ll want to check these spots out. Okay, so here are my suggestions:

Gaston’s Tavern, New Fantasyland

Be Our Guest, New Fantasyland

Prince Charming’s Carousel, New Fantasyland

Mad Tea Party, New Fantasyland

All of my favorite spots are in New Fantasyland because you literally feel like the fireworks are RIGHT. THERE. (Probably because they almost are!) So grab your friends, a Lefou’s Brew and a huge cinnamon roll and watch Wishes from a new spot next time you’re in the kingdom.

10314673_10152816080278443_6841011720303748583_n 10942495_10152664467143443_4001806701414309726_n19623_10152816080533443_5910105946583698615_n

2) Take A Massive Amount Of Pictures

I know that we all take pictures anyway, but I feel like this needs to be said because I don’t just mean take pictures of the castle or of your favorite ride; take a massive amount of pictures with the people who make your program worth while. Now that so many of the people I grew close with during my program are gone, I realize that while I do have the fondest of memories, I don’t have enough pictures! And that’s insane, because I am a picture taking queen. (But seriously, I am, take one look at my Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.) So take pictures everywhere, no matter what you’re doing. Have a photoshoot in the middle of Magic Kingdom on the hub grass because why not? And bonus points if you get candid photos, because those are the best.


3) Try Different Restaurants On Property…Other Than The Obvious Choices

Be Our Guest is a dream, Chef Mickey’s is wonderful, and I’m sure Cinderella’s Royal Table is to die for (I have yet to eat there because paying $70+ in advance for a meal is a little steep, especially for a CP. You’ll find that out, though). HOWEVER, there are restaurants all across property, resorts included, that offer great food, a killer atmosphere and friendly service, just like those three do! And don’t limit yourself just to character dining experiences, either, because some of the best restaurants I’ve eaten at have no characters. Here are some of my suggestions:

Via Napoli, Italy Pavilion in EPCOT

Nine Dragons, China Pavilion in EPCOT

Teppan Edo, Japan Pavilion in EPCOT

Sci Fi Dine-In Theatre, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Mama Melrose’s, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Yak and Yeti, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Crystal Palace, Magic Kingdom (I’ve actually yet to eat here, but I hear it’s SO good!)

1900 Park Fare, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Trails End, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground (BREAKFAST. IS. AMAZING. AND. CHEAP.)

Beaches and Cream, Disney’s Beach Club Resort (I have three words for you: Kitchen. Sink. Challenge.)

These are just a few of my favorite spots, and you know what the bonus is? You get your discount at a majority of restaurants, so why not try something new? If you want a review of some of the restaurants in the parks, my friend is currently eating his way around them, so take a look at some of his experiences here.


4) Have Sleepovers

Okay, I know this sounds very…middle school-ish, but just go with me here. Some of the best nights I have had on my program thus far have been spent with my closest friends all piled into someone’s room, living room, or even bed. We stayed up all night talking, watching movies, taking pictures and bonding, and I honestly believe that it helped solidify our friendships. You’re never too old for a sleepover, so grab your friends, pop in some Disney movies, make some popcorn and sing your little hearts out. (And Snapchat all of it so that you can watch it the next morning and die of laughter.)


5) Work In Different Locations

If you are in a role that allows you to pick up shifts in other places easily (i.e. merchandise, custodial, QSFB, etc.) then I HIGHLY suggest you pick up a shift and venture out of your home location! I have worked in a number of stores at Downtown Disney (mostly because it’s easy since I already work down there and know how to get there/where costuming is and all that jazz), but the BEST shift I have EVER picked up was a shift at Watto’s Grotto for Star Wars Weekends. It started early in the morning, but it was the best six hour shift I have EVER worked. I loved the costume, I loved the fast pace, I loved the energy and I just loved the interaction I had with guests! Working somewhere else is definitely nerve racking and a little overwhelming, but if you’re comfortable in your role then why not take a chance and work somewhere else? You might as well make the most of your time here 🙂


6) (Try To) Go To CP Events

Disney Housing actually does a decent job of putting on events for CPs throughout the months, whether it be welcome events, grocery bingo, pool parties or backstage tours of popular attractions. While there’s a good chance you may not be able to attend all or many of the events, try to go to at least one! My suggestion for the one you should go to? The CP Formal if you’re on the program for Fall/Fall Advantage and Starlit Splash if you’re on the program for Spring/Spring Advantage. Starlit Splash was easily one of the top 5 best nights I have had on my program. What’s better than having an entire water park to play in with your friends and fellow CPs with no other guests around? Nothing. So hit up those CP events! (Plus, free food is always a good reason to go. You know it’s true.)


7) Go To The Parks Alone

Okay, I know this one may sound strange to some of you. Like, why go to the parks by yourself when you can go with a massive amount of people and take Disney World by storm?! And yeah, that’s awesome, and I love doing that, but I actually really enjoyed exploring on my own, too. The great thing about going by yourself is that you can do whatever YOU want to do, and at your own pace. You want to ride space mountain five times in a row? Go for it. You want to do character hunting? Don’t forget your autograph book! You want to lie on the hub grass and take an endless amount of selfies? You go, Glen Coco. I spent a majority of Valentine’s Day in Magic Kingdom by myself, and honestly? I had a wonderful time. I ran into people I knew, and it was nice to spend a little time with them, but I really loved just walking around and doing whatever I wanted. I made fastpasses to meet characters and I even got Tinkerbell to send a special shoutout to my sister, who I was missing very much at the time. It was such an eye opening experience for me, so I challenge you to do the same on your program.

8) Make Magic, Even When You’re Not Working

The day I spent in Magic Kingdom alone, I met three little princesses while on line to meet Tinkerbell. They were SO excited about all the princesses/characters they were meeting and had the most fun sharing their experiences with me. Before we parted ways, I asked the three of them to sign my guide map so that I could always remember the beautiful princesses I met on Valentine’s Day. Their parents took pictures, the girls gave me hugs, and even though I wasn’t working, I knew I had made some magic. Simple gestures like that can have the biggest impact on someone’s vacation, and just because you’re not in costume doesn’t mean you can’t spread magic. ❤


What They Don’t Tell You About The Disney College Program

You can read every description of the Disney College Program, but there are some things you won’t know until you experience it for yourself. Continue reading

Find Your #DisneySide at #StarWarsWeekends

The month of May brings us a variety of things. Flowers (courtesy of April showers), the end of school (for those of us in college), graduation (congratulations class of 2015!) and beautiful weather (for the most part).

But…what May brings us at the Walt Disney World resort is an immersive experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

Star. Wars. Weekends.


Whether you are a super fan or someone who is just getting into the famous saga, Disney does not disappoint, and this year is bound to break past records for attendance and sales.

Sunday concluded weekend 3 out of 5, with two more weekends of Star Wars fun to be had by all. And if you haven’t been yet…well…I’m going to tell you why going at least once will be worth your while.

1) Characters

Everyone loves characters; Little kids, big kids and even bigger kids (aka adults) love to get a picture and get some one on one time with their favorite characters, and Star Wars Weekends is chock full of them. You have Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Chip and Dale dressed as some of your favorite SW characters (which goes over really well with little kids who may not be as into the movies as their parents!) and then, of course, you have your classic SW characters. There are character meet and greets set up throughout the park where you can meet them, and some of them walk around the Coke bottle area near the former Studio Backlot Tour (still bitter about this) entrance. There are also two character dining experiences you can choose from: Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater where you will meet classic Star Wars characters, and Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine at Hollywood & Vine where you will meet Mickey and his pals.

If neither of those appeal to you, wait in the hot sun to meet your favorites, you must.


2) Merchandise

What would a special event be without LIMITED EDITION MERCHANDISE?! To answer that question, the event would be lame. Super lame. But thankfully, Disney goes above and beyond in the merchandise department for SWW, and this year may be the best yet. Darth’s Mall has been a staple at SWW for many years and is normally housed in the sound stage building directly next to Toy Story Midway Mania. However, with the Backlot Tour space being vacant (and again, still bitter) and the former home of Darth’s Mall being occupied, Disney decided to put Darth’s Mall in the backlot area, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Darth’s Mall is made up of two locations: Watto’s Grotto and X-Wing Collectibles. Prop Shop (directly next to the Mike and Sulley meet and greet area) is also considered part of the shop complex, but you’ll find more of your normal Star Wars merchandise in this store. Watto’s Grotto (which I got to work in!) houses your soft line merchandise (clothing, including Her Universe merchandise by Ashley Eckstein), toys, build your own droid and build your own light saber stations, a create your own name tag area, pins, magicbands and autographed photographs.  X-Wing Collectibles, as the name suggests, houses all of your limited edition merchandise and more pricey merchandise, such as artwork, figurines, and Dooney and Bourke. In addition, there is a new stein and popcorn bucket available this year–Boba Fett in stein form and Han Solo in Carbonite in popcorn bucket form.  There is a little something for everyone, no matter what your level of love is for Star Wars.


3) Rebel Hangar: A Star Wars Lounge Experience

Starting at 4pm, a rather large portion of The Backlot Express is transformed into the Rebel Hangar, which is new to SWW this year. Indulge in delectable small plates, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcholic) and desserts while in a nicely themed atmosphere. You may even receive a visit from some characters, so keep your eyes peeled! The addition of this dining experience begs the question: Will Disney add a permanent Star Wars dining experience if they add a Star Wars area to the park? It would certainly be popular whether it was quick or table service, and I’m sure it’s something they’ve already thought about. Nevertheless, if you are able to snag a reservation (because I don’t think they take walk ins), the Rebel Hangar is a unique experience and one worth having. Oh, and don’t forget to try the blue milk 😉


IMG_6946IMG_6944                 IMG_6945

4) A Parade in DHS

One reason why I love SWW is because Disney’s Hollywood Studios gets a parade! Well, they call it a motorcade, but still, anything is better than nothing! Starting at 11pm, the celebrity guests make their way down Hollywood Boulevard with the help of Mickey and his friends and classic Star Wars characters. They all gather onstage for a few photo opportunities as James Arnold Taylor goes through a run down of all of the events taking place throughout the day. If you didn’t wait since the night before to get a ticket to meet your favorite celebrity, this is the best chance you have to get a good picture of them.



Fantasmic! is great and all, but I have always been and will always be a fireworks display loving girl; that’s why Wishes is my favorite nighttime show at Disney. However, yet again, DHS has me in love with their Star Wars themed fireworks. Symphony In The Stars is six minutes of pure bliss, and my only complaint is that I wish it were longer! The music and fireworks fit perfectly together and keep the guests engaged from start to finish, making it one of the best fireworks displays Disney World has to offer. Be sure to get a good spot well in advance though–at least an hour/an hour and a half before it starts. My suggestion is in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard right past where the ice cream cart is. You can see the screen/stage pretty well and you’re in the perfect spot for pictures/video.


Whether you’re part of the rebellion or the dark side, Star Wars Weekends has a little something for everyone.

Besides, you get to play around with a light saber and battle people. What more could you possibly ask for?

IMG_6879IMG_6952IMG_6959   IMG_7173IMG_6876